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Personnel interview with our training representative

Interview with Maria Kreuzhermes

What training and dual study programs do you offer?

At the Hotel Alte Werft we offer training positions as hotel specialists, specialists in restaurants and event catering and chefs. We also offer a dual course of study in “tourism management”. However, the prerequisite for this is completed training in the hotel/gastronomy industry.


What advantages do trainees/dual students have through training in your company?

With us, you will receive in-depth and varied training and go through all departments that are relevant for top training. This type of training then opens many doors to work in great hotels or beautiful destinations around the world.


How does the application process work (application deadline, interview, assessment center, etc.)?

For us it’s actually quite simple. Once the application documents have been received (by email or post), they will be checked and, if suitable, the applicant will be invited to an interview. This is usually done with the training officer and a department head. If the conversation goes well, you will be invited to an internship so that the interested party can take another look and check whether we are the right training partner for them.  And if everything fits, the contract documents will be sent and everything will proceed as planned.


How many trainees or dual students do you take on (per year)?

We take on at least 3-5 trainees per year.


What do trainees/dual students earn with you during their training period?

We adhere to the DEHOGA training salaries:
In the first year of training, our trainees receive EUR 900.00 gross per month.
In the 2nd year of training EUR 1,000.00 gross per month and in the 3rd year of training EUR 1,150.00 gross per month.
Furthermore, every trainee receives vacation and Christmas bonuses after 6 months of service.


How is the training/dual study program structured in your company (duration, block lessons, practical integration, training integration)?

The training usually lasts 3 years. In the first year of the apprenticeship you have school 2 days a week, from the 2nd and 3rd year of the apprenticeship the school time is reduced to 1 day per week.


What vacation entitlement do trainees/dual students have?

Trainees have 25 days of vacation per calendar year.


How good are the chances of being taken on after training/study?

The chances of being taken on by us after training are very good.


What further training opportunities do trainees/dual students have after completing their training with you (study, specialist, etc.)?

Everyone has the opportunity to continue their training with us after their training. Depending on your wishes and qualifications, master courses, hotel management school (state-certified business economist) or a dual study course in “tourism management” are conceivable.


What requirements do you place on the trainees/dual students? How important are school grades to you? What strengths should applicants bring?

The following requirements are generally essential for us:
– Positive attitude towards the service,
– Flexibility and friendly, likeable demeanor,
– Always well-groomed appearance, good manners and tact,
– Strong communication skills and team-oriented,
– resilience and a high performance orientation,
– Good knowledge of German


School grades, on the other hand, are rather unimportant – it depends on the person.

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