Gut Altenkamp
Manor house (1728-1732) in the Dutch-Northern German Baroque style with an imposing pleasure garden as the seat for the Emsland “Drosten”.
Von-Velen Museum
In the Papenburg open-air museum – the Von-Velen Museum – the city shows off its original look: take our fascinating guided tour and discover more about the life and times of the first settlers.
Papenburger Zeitspeicher
In the Papenburg Zeitspeicher guests can discover the origin of the city of Papenburg and the history of navigation and shipbuilding in an interactive experience.
MEYER WERFT Visitor’s Centre
Visitors to the visitor’s centre in the MEYER WERFT will discover a unique world of experience. With close to 3500 m2 spread over nine exhibition areas, modern shipbuilding and cruising is presented in an innovative production and display.
The Evenburg Castle is a grand building – but it stands out because of its breathtaking simple elegance. It is the only neo-Gothic castle in northwestern Germany.
Leer, the third largest city in East Frisia, boast a number of attractions for visitors to discover.
Guided tours of Papenburg
Our tour guides will recount the most mysterious and thrilling criminal cases from the city’s history as you tour the exciting points along the central canal.
The Leaning Tower of Suurhusen
If you want to see a tower than leans more than the Tower of Pisa, then head to Suurhusen. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, this tiny place is home to the most inclined tower in the world.
This youngest city in the Netherlands has a long and colourful history that visitors can read about in the historic warehouses, courtyards and buildings.
Ems Dollart cycling route to Groningen
Since 2010, our passenger ship “The Dollard” has been a core attraction on our cycling route that crosses the border between Germany and the Netherlands: this is the ferry connection over the Dollart bay.
This city was founded around the year 800 as a Frisian trading centre and to this day is shaped by its sea port. In the 16th century, Emden, along with Geneva and Wittenberg were among the most important sites of the reformation.
Fort Bourtange (NL)
Fort Bourtange is situated on the border between Germany and the Netherlands, in the beautiful Westerwolde region. The Fort is an unparalleled historic defence construction that is unique in every respect: the mighty, star-topped walls conceal a romantic village with a market square featuring ancient linden trees.
Pilsum Lighthouse
Striking with its red and yellow stripes and made famous by the East Frisian “messenger god” Otto, the lighthouse is an appealing point of attraction and a sought-after subject for photographs.
Visitors to Greetsiel will be captivated by the enchanting glimpse into a dollhouse-like village boasting historic gabled houses from the 17th century, a 600-year-old fishing port with an impressive fleet of prawn-fishing cutters, the famed Twin Mills of Greetsiel and picturesque alleys.